William R. Fugitt, jr.

As a Chef of 25 years, I’ve spent my career developing a passion for true hospitality. True hospitality means taking care of others, in any capacity, at any time. I’ve traveled the world learning profound mannerisms within this ideal and have found that passion for food, culture, and the ability to impact lives is truly a great honor. What I’ve been able to take away from my travels are priceless. I am able to provide my guests a creative approach to personalized culinary experiences.

At Fleur D’Lys, we utilize techniques that we have learned, while using the best ingredients that can be found. Our unwavering passion for a level of excellence, hard work, taking care of others with integrity, honesty, discipline, and determination, allow for us to continue our career passion and provide true hospitality in your home.

Fleur D’Lys is the culmination of our professional experiences, the aptitude of many hands coming together as a team, and the attitude that we deserve to make each other happy through delicious food.

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