As a young cook, working my way up the ranks through the kitchen brigade, I had always aspired to be a great saucier. To make a great sauce takes finesse, patience, understanding of how to layer flavors, and get your product to perform exactly as you want it to, without muting the flavor before it accompanies its other components on the plate. Mother sauces are the quintessential foundation for adding a flavorful liquid to a dish. They stem from classic french cuisine and are rooted in most of cuisine, today. I have bottled these classic french Mother Sauces for you to try and utilize as a contribution to your perfect dish, or a finishing sauce to complete your perfect creation.

Mother Sauces: served in 12 oz. recyclable glass jars

Additional sauces served in 8oz. recyclable jars

Mother Sauces


A rich sauce made from milk, thickened with a roux (emulsification of butter and flour)


Chicken Velouté

A rich sauce made from the stock of roasted chicken, thickened with a roux



One of escoffier's five mother sauces, this rich brown sauce is the rendering liquid of our smoked and sous vide beef short ribs thickened by reduction



Creamy sauce made from the emulsification of egg yolks, warm clarified butter with the addition of lemon juice



San Marzano tomato confit with garlic, thyme, rosemary, and a touch of the best balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy


Additional Sauces

Glacè de Viande | Demi glacé

Demi Glacè, a french kitchen staple, is liquid gold. Veal stock, which takes more than 48 hrs to make, gets clarified multiple times, then reduced to thicken and concentrate flavor



A flavorful brown sauce named after the Bordeaux region in France made with red wine and bone marrow


Lobster Thermidor

Cream based sauce with cooked lobster, egg yolks, and brandy



An Argentinian sauce made of chopped parsley, oregano, garlic, and red wine vinegar


Bacon BBQ

BBQ sauce starts with rendered double smoked bacon, caramelized onions, apple cider vinegar, brown sugar and spices


Crab Royale

A rich, creamy sauce made with Chesapeake Bay Maryland crabmeat, Old Bay, and lemon zest


Smoked and sous vide short ribs

Our locally raised, grass fed beef short ribs, lightly smoked and cooked en sous vide for 48 hours until spoon tender. Package contains 12oz. of meat and 5oz of bordelaise reduction


T shirts with Fleur D’Lys logo

Gildan soft style cotton/poly blend fitted t-shirts, with our Fleur D'Lys logo on the front and our recipes on the back


Hot/Cold beverage tumbler w/logo

Double wall vacuum insulated. Lifetime durability, BPA free, 18/8 food grade stainless steel interior


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