As a Chef of 25 years, I’ve spent my career developing a passion for true hospitality. True hospitality means taking care of others, in any capacity, at any time. I’ve traveled the world learning different culture, cuisine, culinary mannerisms, and techniques. I’ve spent as much time learning about myself, who I am as a chef, a leader, and mentor. To build, develop, inspire and teach culinary technique is truly my life’s passion.

True Hospitality

In Your Home Cooking Lessons:

Our cooking classes start by discussing your favorite foods. Whether it be something you’ve had at your favorite restaurant or something you ate as a first time guest and wanted to know how to recreate it at home. Maybe it was something you wanted to host a dinner party with, but didn’t know the best technique to use to provide it. We start by creating the menu together. Then, I will source the ingredients from our list of resources and farms. We then, provide the lessons in your home to teach you how to create the best, most delicious meals to make your events a success. Finally, you and your guests enjoy the 3 course experience.

*Limited to 15 guests per event

A Personalized Culinary Experience

3 course tutorial on how to make your favorite meals. Followed by those three courses to enjoy.


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Multi course dinners

Throughout my tenure as a chef at Michelin starred restaurants in the US and Europe, I have found that the most exhilarating dining experience is that of a multi-course tasting menu. This degustation is often 6 (or more) courses of food, so elaborately prepared that it resembles art on a plate. The small portions of food are prepared so harmoniously, that in just 3 or four bites, you get the full balance of flavors between the Chef’s creativity and nature’s perfect product. We provide our guests with the option of choosing how many courses they would like to have, and creative flexibility when designing the menu with wine pairing. Pricing is based on the number of guests, market product price and wine pairing.

*Limit 8 guests per dinner

A Personalized Culinary Experience


Additional wine pairings


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Retail Merchandise

As a young cook, working my way up the ranks through the kitchen brigade, I had always aspired to be a great saucier. To make a great sauce takes finesse, patience, understanding of how to layer flavors, and get your product to perform exactly as you want it to, without muting the flavor before it accompanies its other components on the plate. I have bottled some of these classic french Mother Sauces for you to try and utilize as a contribution to your perfect dish, or a finishing sauce to complete your perfect creation.

Please try them and let us know what you think.

We were looking to have a once in a lifetime, curated experience for our date night. We looked around, but there weren’t many options. Luckily, we found Fleur D’ Lys and had the best experience.” – Cindy Mackesy

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